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Month after Gully Boy, Deepika Padukone says can’t imagine any other actor pulling off Ranveer Singh’s Murad

Bollywood superstar Deepika was asked if Ranveer’s performance in Gully Boy surprised her, she had the most beautiful response. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror, the actor shared that Ranveer was a natural fit and had he not done the film, she can’t think of any other actor who could have played Murad. She has been quoted as saying, “No, he was such a natural fit that if for any reason Ranveer had decided not to do the film, I can’t think of any other mainstream actor who could have pulled this off. The fact that Zoya (director Zoya Akhtar) thought of him for the role did not surprise me at all because he is hugely influenced by rap music and the hip-hop culture.”

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