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Meet this daring woman rider who scaled the scariest mountain passes

‘Don’t be a gama in the land of Lama’. The saying, quite famous on the sign boards along the routes leading to Ladakh, apparently implies that one should adapt to the rough terrains of Ladakh, similar to the saying ‘When in Rome, be a Roman’.

Until July 7 2015, the day when a Delhite and a mother of two Pallavi Fauzdar embarked upon her first solo bike ride to Ladakh, it was a mere saying. But later she realised it was actually a way of life, especially in the land where there is no second chance and one mistake can be your last. Fauzdar’s never say die spirit and the saying; both helped her in conquering all 16 passes, including eight that were above 5,000 metres, registering her name in the Limca Book of Records for being the first woman to ride eight mountain passes above 5,000 m (above sea level) in a single trip.