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Karnataka Poultry Farmer Buries Alive 6,000 Chickens in Mass Grave as Coronavirus Impacts Sale

Even animals are not being spared from the coronavirus horror and the worst to be hit, at least in India, are poultry.

Rumours in Karanataka which led to a drop in the demand chicken and meat in various areas, A poultry farmer “Najeer Ahmed Makandar” in Belgavi, Karnataka loaded about 6,000 chickens on a truck, dropped them in a ditch and buried them alive.

He said due to a decline in demand, the chickens were causing him deep losses. His chicken used to sell for Rs 50-70 but ever since the coronavirus scare, prices have fallen to as low as Rs 5-10 per kilo and live chicken weight over 2 kg would only fetch him Rs 25.

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