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Ishant Sharma cried for 15 days after conceding 30 runs in an over

Such a shocker was this experience for Ishant that he cried for a fortnight after the thrashing he got. “I didn’t cry for just one day … I cried for 15 days at least,” the 30-year-old, who has 390 international wickets, told Indian Express in an interview, while recalling the experience. “I have always been hard on myself; I am not someone who just pushes things under the carpet. I lost a game for India.”

Even Ishant’s wife Pratima Singh, who he was seeing then, could not believe the man’s reaction. “Never ever had I even seen his eyes getting moist. And here he was crying, I can never imagine Ishant crying. I told him point blank, cricket is not everything. Bahut badi zindagi hai. Cricket ko sar pe chadha ke nahin rakha karo (life is long; don’t give over importance to cricket),” she said.

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