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Dehradun: School buries body of 12-year-old to hide murder by students

In a bid to hush up the murder of a 12-year-old boarding school student Vasu Yadav, after he was beaten to death by seniors with cricket bats and wickets, authorities in a school in Dehradun stealthily buried the body of the student after he was declared dead by doctors.The case emerged on Wednesday, as reported by The Times of India and according to the police buried the boy’s body inside the campus after doctors declared him dead, to hide the details.It was also revealed that there was a delay in taking the boy to the hospital after he was beaten by students of class 12 from the same school.The victim was allegedly tortured by his seniors who suspected him of stealing a packet of biscuit while they were out. The boy was beaten up inside a classroom and was there for the next few hours until the warden spotted him.

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