#BoycottNirma: Akshay Kumar get slammed on social media for mocking Maratha warriors

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has landed in controversy after he featured in washing powder advertisement, where he plays the role of a king.

In an advertisement for Nirma washing powder, Akshay Kumar can be seen as a king and arrives with his army in a palace. After entering the palace the actor says, “Maharaj aur uski sena dushman ko dhona jaanti hai, aur apne kapde bhi. As a woman points out their dirty clothes, they are then seen washing the clothes with the product.

The actor then uses Nirma washing powder to wash his cloths followed by dancing funnily with background dancers. Many Netizens have been alleging that the actor’s ad defames Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Maratha warriors.

Netizens showed their views about the video which was not in favour of the washing powder ad.  #BoycottNirma is now trending on Twitter with over twenty-one thousand tweets.

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